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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

At Nahar Academy, we fully dedicate all our efforts to ensuring maximum data protection for our clients. Concerning the training exercises that we offer, this privacy policy explains how we protect our customers’ personal information. It is essential to note that the Academy WILL NOT record your personal information, not until you consciously consent to it. Also, we can only use your data as per your desire, as these policies dictate. Notably, utilizing our website means that you concur with this privacy policy and its confidentiality requirements.

Data Collection and Utilization 

Once you sign up for a user account or engage in virtual instruction courses, we will gather your data. Besides, we will also acquire information regarding your performance levels, patterns, and geographical region. All these data will be essential as we offer you the utmost services. Also, it will be useful to understand how users and the portal optimization purpose to interact. 

Contact Information

To register a user account, you will be required to provide your email address or any other contact information that we can use to reach you through the phone or online. We use this information to validate your request and to inform you of any issues. Once you provide your contact information, you can contact the support team if you wish to update, change, or delete any information. Besides, to effectively utilize our website, to fulfill legal information, and to communicate with you constantly, we will mostly use your name, phone number, and order delivery information. Additionally, to perform your request, analyze statistics, and support you as you use the website, some of our internal workers will have access to your data. Notably, we DO NOT give or sell your contact addresses to others without your consent, except when we are obliged to do so, for instance, through court orders, to avert crimes. 

Payment Methods

After requesting services through our website, you must choose your preferred payment method. Although we will not store any of your card information, we will send the card’s data to an accredited credit/debit card firm in the encoded format as per the international ordering guidelines. 

Application Submission Information

We require your name, phone number, and email address, or any other essential information that we may use to contact you as you apply for services.

Browsing Data and Information Flow

As you browse our website, we will record useful browsing information such as the pages you choose to visit, your preferred features, and the amount of time you take on a page. This data will help us analyze how a client browses the website without revealing their personal contact information. The concerned employees will evaluate the website to help us ameliorate it for better customer use and internal reasons. 


The Academy does not sell or lease your data to other organizations that wish to market their products. However, there are instances where we may obtain your data from other firms to individualize our services and advertisements. Notably, if you do not want us to send you marketing messages or to participate in our advertising projects, you can let us know via email. 

Disclosure of Personal Information

Our employees are the only party that will have access to your data. However, we may have to disclose your information to safeguard our legal rights, for instance, if you engage in harmful behaviors. We will also share your information if we believe that giving it out is critical for (1) compliance with the law, or a court/governmental orders legally submitted to us, or (2) to safeguard our property and the rights of other users and the public. This policy also includes exchanging personal data with other organizations to prevent fraud and credit risk protection.

Information Security

All our employees are highly competent and trained to protect the confidentiality of our customers’ data. Hence, to maximize personal information security and update the site’s controls and information, our employees will access your data.

Official Language

Arabic and English are the official languages that we will use to resolve the conflicts that may arise as you use our website.

Privacy Policy Changes

Please note that we keep updating our privacy policy from time to time. After the update, a ‘recent review’ tab with a date sign will appear on the privacy policy link. It shows that you need review the new changes. Besides, your subsequent use of the site confirms that you have confirmed the new changes in the Privacy Policy. Kindly visit this site regularly to get informed of any improved versions of the Privacy Policy.